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The x-ray on the right shows SEVERAL parts from a failed cva muzzleloader embedded in the skull of victim eric zenger.

The crawl below contains some of the names of the numerous individuals that have been injured as a result of failures of a Dikar S Coop, Ltd. / Connecticut Valley Arms (CVA) / Blackpowder Products Inc. (BPI) /  New Frontier accessory or side lock or in-line muzzleloader.


Welcome. currently contains information on approximately 60 documented products liability / personal injury claims that allege defects in Dikar manufactured products. Dikar is the Spanish owner and manufacturer of Blackpowder Products, Inc. (BPI) product lines Connecticut Valley Arms (CVA), New Frontier, and Winchester Muzzleloaders. There are currently several cases pending in state or federal courts that involve the alleged explosive failures of  Dikar / BPI muzzleloaders and there are several cases that have not yet been filed.

Contrary to what BPI CEO Dudley McGarity has posted on his CVA blog in his article "The Truth About CVA Muzzleloaders" many of the cases posted on are NOT related to accidents that have occurred during the use of recalled 1995 or 1996 CVA muzzleloaders. The real "truth" is that many of the cases found on this web site DO involve newer CVA muzzleloaders including 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2008 model CVA in-line or side lock muzzleloaders. Mr. McGarity attempts to muddy the waters and distract consumers about the injuries caused by the failures of his company's products by continualy falling back on the "recalled" CVA muzzleloader issue. Many of the cases on this website involve claims that have nothing to do with 1995 or 1996 "voluntary recalled" CVA's.

In all but two of the claims that have been found to date the parties chose to settle the cases before allowing the evidence to be presented at trial to a jury, therefore, there is little or no documentation, other than the information found on, that is available to prove, or disprove, the allegations made in the Complaints or the Answers to the Complaints. Visitors to this web site must draw their own conclusion as to why they believe that the parties chose to settle a particular case instead of presenting it to a jury. None of the parties to a lawsuit can be forced to settle the lawsuit and every party to a lawsuit always has the right to have their day in court. Settlements must be agreed to by the parties or they do not happen. Settlement amounts will not be posted on this web site because in some instances the settlement language prohibits disclosing this information and in several instances the victims have asked that this information not be made public. continues to receive inquiries and emails from owners of CVA and New Frontier muzzleloaders requesting advice as to what to do with their Dikar manufactured muzzleloaders that they are now afraid to shoot after having reviewed the information available here. The best answer that can be offered here is to contact Dudley McGarity at BPI and request a full refund of the purchase price. Otherwise, if you own a muzzleloader that you are afraid to shoot you may want to render it inoperable and hang it on the wall as a decoration. In your inquiry to Mr. McGarity you may also want to include a question about the House of Eibar proof mark (knights head over a shield) on your Dikar manufactured muzzleloader, such as, "What does the proof mark stamped on the barrel of my muzzleloader symbolize?" or, "Why is there a proof mark stamped on the barrel of my CVA or New Frontier muzzleloader if it was never proof fired?". If you receive a response to your inquiry you should save a printed copy for your files.


All of the documents found on this web site are in pdf or Word document format and the photographs are in jpeg format. Please feel free to open and download any file found on All files and images have been scanned for viruses before being uploaded for posting but, if in doubt, you should scan for viruses after downloading and before opening a file.

The research for additional information about Dikar / BPI accessory and muzzleloader failures is ongoing and the content of this web site continues to be updated as new information is received.

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The crawl above contains CVA's recall as it appeared in the 2009 CVA catalog. It is posted here in the interest of public safety and at the request of BPI CEO Dudley McGarity. Even though several thousand of the 1995 and 1996 defective CVA muzzleloaders are still unaccounted for, the recall information is not prominently displayed on the CVA web site and it is no longer listed at all on the CVA "FAQ" page where it once was the Number 1 FAQ. The recall information is now hidden behind the "Company" and the "Resources" buttons on the CVA web site and it does not appear on the Blackpowder Products, Inc. web site at all.

Thank you for your response to my request for assistance in locating recalled 1995 and 1996 CVA muzzleloaders. As a result of prominent display of the CVA recall I have been successful in getting several of the 1995 and 1996 recalled CVA's out of the hands of unsuspecting potential victims of these dangerous and defective CVA muzzleloaders. Unlike Mr. McGarity, and the people at Dikar and BPI, I feel that the recall that has been going on for thirteen years should be displayed prominently and as often as possible. will continue the effort to get the word out about the CVA recall and to try to recover as many of the dangerous and defective recalled 1995 and 1996 CVA muzzleloaders as possible. You will find several different versions of the recall notice on the pages of

If you are an attorney representing a client in a claim involving a recalled 1995 or 1996 CVA in-line muzzleloader and you are in need of a new unfired 1995 or 1996 exemplar recalled CVA for evidentiary use in your case please forward your request and case information to me by using the Contacts and Comments page.

Dean Wise

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